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Weld Mold® 535

For joining, buildup, and repairing cracked or fractured steels with up to 170,000 psi tensile strengths. Weld Mold 535 has established itself as the standard for die block repair by exhibiting exceptional impact qualities, high tensile strength and good elongation. Weld Mold 535 was designed to operate at high amperage for continuous out of position flood welding.


Use for fabricating structures, machinery, assemblies and repair of equipment. Hot work applications include joining fractured forging dies that are to be machined. Expressly made for welding both wrought and cast steel structures. Also used for touch-up work and making engineering changes.


Remove all defects; heat checks, spalls, and cracks. Preheat the unit to a minimum of 800°F. Maintain this temperature during welding. Utilize short arc length. Peening is necessary when filling in small cavities. Peen after depositing each pass. Peening is not necessary when welding large areas such as complete impressions except on the final pass. After welding cool the unit in still air to approximately 350°F. This is necessary to produce uniform weld hardness. When the cooling temperature is reached, immediately charge dies into a furnace at 1050°F and temper for 12 to 16 hours. On rams, sow block and similar type units stress relieve at 1150°F for 12 to 16 hours. Stress relieve hammer bases at 1150°F at one hour per inch of thickness at temperature. Remove the unit from the furnace and cool in still air to room temperature.

FCAW - DC+, 100% CO2 or 75%-25% CO2
SAW - DC+ Use A Neutral Flux Such As L-Tec#50

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