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Flood Welding – Forging Die and Equipment Welding

As an alternative to investing in expensive tooling and machinery, Weld Mold Company offers the industry a cost effective solution called Flood Welding. Flood welding is a solution to repair and refurbish existing components using very specific materials and a defined process. Weld Mold Company has been serving the forging industry for over 70 years as the inventor of flood welding, also known as Progressive Manual Cast Welding.

The process of flood welding provides metal deposition rates of up to 100 pounds per hour using ¾ inch diameter x 4 feet long (the world’s largest) welding electrodes and up to 40 pounds per hour using a multiple wire welding “manipulator.” Weld Mold Company has invested significantly in ongoing research and development programs that have allowed us to select the proper materials and perform documented welding procedures used in many forging applications.

Using these materials and processes in a procedure known as flood welding, existing blocks can be welded and re-sunk for new impressions. After flood welding, our blocks can be cut, welded and machined; cracked or fractured blocks can be welded together; missing corners, locks and shanks can be repaired and put back in use. The flood welding process can also repair flash lines, bases, columns, cylinders and heads. All of these components can be repaired in timely and cost-effective manner. Welding has progressed to the point of being a critical aspect of any successful open or closed hammer, press or upsetter forging operation.

The goal of flood welding is to increase the productivity of each forging cavity, reducing the requirement for new die steel and eliminating scrap in both the die shop and maintenance area. This requires a commitment from both management and a fully trained die-shop and maintenance personnel. Flood welding can be 100% successful when using the proper materials and procedures. This is dependent on the root cause of the part or equipment failure to be identified and eliminated to prevent or reduce continuing problems.

Contact Weld Mold Company to learn more about flood welding products, equipment, and training. We offer a full range of consulting services and world class products. We’ll work closely with you to insure a successful die and equipment welding program by incorporating a flood welding procedure into your business practice.



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