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Weld Mold® 958

Weld Mold 958 is designed for both hot and cold work tooling applications. Can be used for heavy buildup when necessary and used as welded, without subsequent heat treatment. Weld Mold 958 produces the ultimate in homogeneous, high-density weld deposits.


Hot or cold work trimmers, shears, blanking and forming dies where chipping, spalling, and cracking are potential issues. Typical hot work examples are: forging dies, coining dies, header dies, punches, extrusion mandrels and tong bits. Cold work applications include, forming dies, blanking dies, sledge hammer faces, cutting edges or hatches, punches and automotive trim sections for stock up to ¼” thick. Well suited for composite fabrication of die sections.


For repairs, prepare area to be welded by removing all cracks, heat checks or other defects. Preheat die blocks and other units where the entire working surface is to be welded to 800º F. On other alloys preheat and post-heat according to the base metal. Maintain temperature during welding. Use the stringer bead technique to minimize heat input. Peen the weld when red hot to relieve stresses. After welding, cool in still air to 300º F. to obtain the ultimate grain refinement and uniform hardness in the weld deposit. Temper at 1000º F. for one hour per inch of thickness. Cool in still air to room temperature.

SMAW - DC+ Push With Short Arc Length
GMAW - DC+ 92% Ar 8% CO2 or 100%Ar
GTAW - DC - 100%Ar
FCAW - DC+, 100% CO2 or 75% Ar 25% CO2
SAW - DC+, Neutral Flux, Such As L-Tech#50

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