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Weld Mold® 9650

Weld Mold 9650 was specifically designed for excellent operating characteristics at high deposition rates. Deposits shock-resistant weld metal that is highly resistant to heat checking and wear.


Weld Mold 9650 may be used for press forging dies, shallow hammer dies, screw press dies, flat dies, steel mill units, and impactor dies. Its broad tempering range allows for EDM and conventional machining with carbide cutters.


Remove all foreign material and cracks before welding. Use the preheat dictated by your specific base material. For the low and medium alloy steels 300º F to 600º F is usually sufficient. On forging dies and other high alloy or hot working steels preheat at least 800º F. Maintain interpass temperature (+/- 150º F of preheat temp.) and peen each weld deposit while bead is still red hot from welding. After welding low and medium alloy steels allow material to slow cool. After welding forging dies and other high alloy materials post heat the material in a furnace at 800º F for two-three hours to allow equalizing of heat throughout the unit. Remove from furnace and air cool to below 300º F, then return the material to the furnace for temper/stress relieve process, which will determine the final hardness of the material.

SMAW - DC+ 92% Ar 8% CO2
FCAW - DC+, 75% Ar 25% CO2 or 100% CO2

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